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By Kult Byrå

Corridor and asset monitoring using earth observation

The website as seen on mobile.
Design and content structure for services.
We made a sleek animation for the frontpage – to give the feeling of viewing the earth from high above.
Industries, services and service providers are setup to be unique document types.
How the service page is set up. Each service can be connected to several industries.

About the project

CAMEO is a platform created in collaboration with S&T and ESA (European version of NASA) that provides insights and data from satellites.

The technology that CAMEO provides can replace expensive and time-consuming helicopter rides, and help many industries detect problems before they happen.

CAMEO represents a whole new way of monitoring areas on earth. But new technology can seem scary – especially for conservative industries that have not changed routines for years.

Instead of creating a cold and fact-oriented visual identity, we chose a friendly, yet modern, expression. A harmonious colour palette combined with an organic image of nature creates a balanced profile. The touch of warmth and friendliness makes it all seem safe to their clients.

A flexible website designed to be future-proof

It's always tricky creating a website for a new product concept from scratch. It can be difficult to predict exactly what the target group needs when it comes to information, as the technology CAMEO provide is new – and revolutionary.

This is the reason why we needed to make a flexible website. Using Sanity is the perfect way to make sure it will always be easy to both expand their content universe or change the website in the future.

Made by Kult Byrå. Read the whole case on our website.


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