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Unge Venstre

By Kult Byrå & Sigurd Heggemsnes

The young liberal party in Norway.

Frontpage of the website.
Each political cause has a short description which can be used here – and if the topic is listed as being a "main topic" (and has more content) it will be generated a page for it.
Their political causes is sorted into three different document types which can reference eachother: Policies, topics and press releases.
There are lots of different resources for the members. Useful links and other external resources is a seperate document type that can be referenced to by other resources.
Sanity is especially useful for organizations like Unge Venstre, which has a whole big database of people and locale teams with different contact infos.

About the project

Unge Venstre is the liberal youth party in Norway. Their main political causes are fighting climate change, european cooperation, education and legalization of marijuana.

Their new website made with Sanity not only provides them with content for their website – but also a single source of truth for all their policies, documents and tools for members all over Norway.

Made by Kult Byrå, read the whole case here.


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