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Chili Media

By Kult ByrÄ & Sigurd Heggemsnes

Spicy hot website for an agency that creates enticing content universes.

Portfolio page – no borings grid here.
Presenting the employees of the agency
Adding a new project in the portfolio, nothing to fancy here.

About the project

One of Kult ByrÄ's first published websites made with Sanity. With many many more to come.

It was easy enough to set up, as this a relatively easy website. The main challenge was to create best practices to make the user interface as smooth as possible – nudging the admins to create user friendly and accessible content.

Read more about the project on our own website here (Norwegian)


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Using Sanity to present and let participants book courses.

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Kult ByrÄ

A branding and digital design agency located in Oslo, Norway.

Kult ByrÄ
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