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Choose La Trobe

By Bone Digital & Allan Pooley

A website for Melbourne's next generation of students

Boom! Choose La Trobe. The home page hero!
Students could explore faculties and courses offered by La Trobe.
Video interviews with students 'Selfie' style was a feature of the design.
A course page nested within it's faculty, within the studio
Managing university locations with their own data schema
Managing university events with their own data schema

About the project

August of 2022 La Trobe University, an Australian university based in Melbourne held their annual open day. The website for the event aimed to be a guide prospective students through the courses and student services La Trobe offers. The goal was to communicate effectively and with appeal to the new generation of students.

The design created by The Company You Keep (TCYK) is both innovative and interactive.

The content for this site was substantial, with pages detailing each of LaTrobe’s faculties and their courses. The design leaned heavily on imagery and video interviews with current students. With this in consideration, Bone Digital, the technology partner for the project, chose Sanity as the content management technology for this build.

Using Sanity, La Trobe’s team was able to have multiple content editors across their various faculties simultaneously create and curate page content as the site was being built in the lead up to the event.

With the aim of the site was to make the content visually striking and interactive, significant animation was incorporated into the build. However, at the same time it was important to make the site accessible to a wide range of potential students. A technical learning from the project was accounting for whether devices had ‘Prefers Reduced Motion’ enabled, and using this to change the way modules would present themselves to the user.

More reading about this media query and accounting for it on your site can be found here.

Following the event, the site has transformed into ‘Choose La Trobe’, a general resource student’s could use to find information about La Trobe beyond the Open Day. Being able to maintain multiple datasets from within the Sanity Studio made this transformation easy to accomplish.


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