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University of Limerick: Learning for Tomorrow

By Allan Pooley

An interactive survey part of a university-wide strategic foresight program

The opening question for the 12 question survey
Various results upon completion of the survey, with varying corresponding visual outcomes
Customising a question and corresponding answers within Sanity
Using Sanity to configure sequences of animations and their timing

About the project

The Learning for Tomorrow interactive survey is part of a university-wide strategic foresight program, led by the University of Limerick’s Centre for Sustainable Futures & Innovation. The program aims to create a long-term vision for how UL could go beyond sustainability and become a Regenerative University by the year 2070.

The purpose of this project is to understand how you feel when you think about the future, and what you value from education. So we created this interactive survey: a playful research project that allows you to discover your future learner persona.

As the you answer the questions, the 3D visual reactively changes based on the responses.

Completing the full survey generates a unique result and visual based on the cross-section of chosen answers. Survey results will be used to inform the team at the UL Centre for Sustainable Futures & Innovation as they continue to work with the university community to explore the future of higher education.

Sanity was used to configure the question sequence, corresponding answers, and timed animation sequences.

The Learning for Tomorrow interactive survey was created in collaboration between the University of Limerick and Studio Saol, with the help of Bien Studio & Allan Pooley (Dev), and Marcd (3D).


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