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New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute

By Allan Pooley

The five layers of skin

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About the project

New Zealand Corneotherapy Institute is founded by an award-winning skin therapist, Lin.

Lin approached Kallan & Co, A Melbourne based brand and digital design studio, in order to create an extraordinary resource, dedicated to advanced skincare and wholistic wellbeing.

Kallan & Co developed a beautiful brand and digital experience that heroes the idea of corneotherapy and the five layers of the skin, creating a colour palette that leans into the diverse spectrum New Zealand’s topography has to offer, from deep palm green through to warm sands. Imagery of the natural world is paired with real skin textures giving the brand a feel of exceptional quality and calm.

The primary outcome for the NZCI brand is Lin’s e-commerce store – corneotherapy.nz, where clients are taken through a beautiful onboarding experience where they have the opportunity to tell Lin about their skincare routine and their skincare goals. Through this, Lin can consult directly with her clients, and advise which skincare journey, and products best suit their unique needs.

That's where Lin & Kallan brought me in (Allan) as their technology partner for the project. I could see the amount of effort that had been poured into the brand, and recommended a headless build because it would allow us to create a truely unique digital experience to go hand-in-hand with the brand. Kallan & Co made a beautiful design leaning heavily on the colours and imagery they had connected with the brand, along with some nice subtle animations to tie it together.

Sanity was instrumental in my implementation. We used Sanity Connect to pull down product data from Shopify, and then extend way we described and presented products with a range of custom fields. As mentioned previously, the site features a 13-step questionnaire as an onboarding for new clients who wish to consult with Lin for treatment and product recommendation. The content that drives the questionnaire is managed in Sanity, and can be edited and tweaked by Lin.


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