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By Roboto Studio

How we rebuilt Nottingham's drug development experts' website

Homepage and list pages dynamically generated via content created within Sanity
Team page, and contact page, with feature rich SEO throughout both and dynamic breadcrumbs for better page indexing
All blocks within Sanity are added with icons and description/title to improve client user experience, ensuring predictable block building
We added areas of expertise as a repeatable type to allow DevelRx to scale the areas they cover in the future
Similarly to the Area of Expertise, we wanted to ensure DevelRx could expand their services as they scaled
Full, real time preview spans across all content types and is in real time, meaning you can see a 1:1 of what you write and how it will be presented in page

About the project

We worked with the DevelRx team as part of a new development venture. We were looking at what the best possible website could be for a small website with a real focus on feature rich SEO & performance.

What we manage to achieve was far above and beyond what we thought was possible within such a fast turnaround. Every element within the Sanity Studio had been carefully labelled to ensure CMS UX was top notch when building out pages.


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