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By Mawla | Jamstack Agency & Arjen Scherff-de Water

Delivering an Integrated Microsoft 365 User Experience for the Digital Workplace

Module page builder - core pages are fixed but content pages can be built using our modular library to extend the site dynamically
Our sitemap is generated as new pages are added, pages can be infinitely nested to create evolving structures
Buttons are a primitive to our setup and provide a lot of flexibility. Buttons are used to navigate, trigger integrations and dialogs. They're easily customised using presentation options.
A sample of some of the configurability within our modules.

About the project

This project comprised of a full rebrand - new logo, palette, font, the works,

Along side the rebrand was a modern website https://www.harmon.ie based on #nextjs, Sanity.io and #tailwindcss. We spent a lot of time on the UX, with workshops, wireframes and full IA to make sure we really nailed down the journeys of Harmon.ie's customers.

A big challenge here was dealing with the existing NextJS site which was connected to Prismic, we're porting content over in batches and a big win was using rewrite rules to allow us to keep both sites live at the same time but make it seems like one experience.

The nextjs and vercel rewrites and redirects were critical to that.

The content migration API is proving super useful and the CLI is great for porting the content into sanity from Prismic!


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