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What is

By Allan Pooley

A side project fuelled by 36,111 words (4,820 of them unique). Sourced from 98 songs, spanning over 7 topics.

Songs fuelling the project in Sanity Studio
Submission on the home page
Choosing from a list of topics
Landing on a topic page
Information about the topic
The word bench, where people can make something new with the shuffled vocabulary
Submitted poems in Sanity Studio
The songs that fuel the project, in Sanity Studio

About the project

This project is fuelled by 98 songs. The most verbose is Notorious Thugs by The Notorious B.I.G.. The oldest is Rawhide by Frankie Laine from 1958. Songs are composed of lyrics, lyrics are composed of words. There are 36,111 words in this project, 4,820 of them are unique.

Songs are a powerful medium. They usually gravitate around an experience the artist has had, of which their audience can resonate with. Songs are poetic and expressive, which is what makes the language and words used in songs so interesting.

What I’ve done here is collect songs that belong to a particular topic, then decompose each of the songs into words and shuffled them. The end result is a vocabulary sharing the same topic.

With that shuffled vocabulary, I've created a little workbench where you can make your own statement about the topic. A poem of sorts. You can submit your poem, and you can find submissions from people that have done the same.


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