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Custom Action Opens a Preview URL on Wrong Domain

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Last updated: Jan 31, 2022
Hey there, I have a custom action that opens a preview URL, but it keeps opening my URL at the studio domain, instead of the one specified…
Jan 31, 2022, 6:46 PM
You can see it here, it’s supposed to use the
but on deployed studios it’s now opening it without this, causing it to open the
at the studio domain
Jan 31, 2022, 6:47 PM
sorry, wrong example
user A
, I just updated it with a gist of the correct one.
Jan 31, 2022, 6:47 PM
I have a client studio that has this:
Jan 31, 2022, 6:48 PM
const remoteURL = '<https://xxx.vercel.app>'
const localURL = '<http://localhost:3000>'
const frontendURL =
  window.location.hostname === 'localhost' ? localURL : remoteURL
Jan 31, 2022, 6:48 PM
and it’s opening it at
Jan 31, 2022, 6:48 PM
Don't suppose there is any chance you are viewing it from
or some other local, non-localhost hostname? 😅
Jan 31, 2022, 7:30 PM
window.location.protocol === 'http:' ? localURL : remoteURL
would be slightly more robust in this case?)
Jan 31, 2022, 7:31 PM
seems to only be on a deployed studio for some reason
Jan 31, 2022, 7:32 PM
How is the
getting set? Statically? Environment variable?
Jan 31, 2022, 7:32 PM
going to try clearing node_modules and dist to see if it helps!
Jan 31, 2022, 7:32 PM
Jan 31, 2022, 7:33 PM
Super weird. There is nothing Sanity-specific about the code that determines the URL or opens the window, as far as I can tell from your gist.
Jan 31, 2022, 7:34 PM
If I were to guess, the
is somehow null/empty string, but if it's defined statically that doesn't make sense
Jan 31, 2022, 7:35 PM
thanks for clarifying
user Z
! I’m wondering if checking
is for whatever reason erroring when deploying
Jan 31, 2022, 7:35 PM
I just redeployed again, and hard refreshed and this time it’s taking the correct domain name
Jan 31, 2022, 7:36 PM
it’s just super odd since I was able to reproduce on the deployed studio after the client alerted me to it (which I had just showed them how to preview last week using the deployed studio during a previous build)
Jan 31, 2022, 7:36 PM

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