Betty's Eddies

By Omar Benseddik

Betty's Eddies is one of the multiple brands owned by Marimed, a US-based pharmaceutical cannabis operator. We've developed for them a performant site controlled from Sanity.

Product page
Store locator
Image hotspot
Page builder
Onboarding guide

About the project

Our goal is to empower content editors to create new pages, see how those look like before going live, and decide on SEO tags.

To ensure a smooth onboarding, we've added a guide explaining all the necessary to create content.

Thanks to the modular architecture we've used, content editors no longer need designers or developers to build a page.

Aside from the CMS implementation, we've also implemented the frontend from scratch, including features like filtering, integration with Google Maps API and Hubspot, and an age gate.

All of the above while maintaining 90+ Lighthouse scores (a significant improvement compared to the ~70 speed score in the previous site).

With website speed being a key factor in user experience and search engine rankings, Marimed aims to push forward their brands in the cannabis industry.


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