Beyond Creative

By Omar Benseddik

Beyond Creative works on creating marketing campaigns within Fortnite for events and brands including SuperBowl, NFL, Verizon, Timberland, BALENCIAGA, Adidas, Epic Games, NVIDIA, Chipotle, and LG. We've built for them a performant site to display their work.

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About the project

The team wished to have a fast website to offer a delightful experience to visitors, and also increase the likelihood of having its content rank on Google.

The Beyond Creative team also wanted to have light animations on the site, and be able to display images in different grids.

After brushing up the initial design mockups, we've made their wish come true.

The Beyond Creative team wished to generate content easily, and onboard newcomers without difficulties.

We've introduced to Sanity as a headless CMS, and they have since then been enjoying the content creation process.

They are able to handle SEO configuration, create an infinite number of pages, see how content looks like before taking it live, and manage all media in a library.


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