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By Tinloof

Heavybit is a San Francisco-based investor in developer-first startups. We helped them consolidate content in Sanity and built a performant and feature-rich site with Remix.

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About the project

Heavybit's site was initially built on WordPress, and got eventually migrated to two different frameworks, 11ty and Gatsby, which caused the creation of two Sanity datasets to fetch content.

We've rebuilt the frontend using Remix as the sole framework, and consolidated all the content in one single Sanity dataset, offering the Heavybit team one single source of truth for content.

We've also enabled the content team to create pages without involvement of developers, thanks to the modular architecture we've adopted, and preview changes before going live.

The content team is also able to control redirects from the Sanity interface, select multimedia from Mux directly from Sanity, and schedule when content should go live amongst other convenient features.


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