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By Omar Benseddik

Tinloof is a Berlin-based agency that builds web sites and apps.

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About the project

Our website was first built with Gatsby.js, and our content was managed without a CMS.

Recently, problems affecting our content editing experience piled up and we decided to take care of that.

Thanks to a Sanity CMS integration, we can now create, live preview, and publish any page without deploying a single line of code


Other projects by author


Blotout, a $3m-backed YC startup, launched EdgeTag, a serverless app that sends consented data to the Facebook Conversion API directly from the customer’s domain. They initially set up a simple landing page for it, but quickly realized they needed to have a scalable and more content manager friendly platform to create more landing pages for other integrations they support (e.g. Fastly, Cloudflare). We've created for them a performant and easy-to-manage website by leveraging tools like Remix, Sanity CMS, and Vercel.

Omar Benseddik
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Velobici: Translation Strategy

Velobici is a UK-based e-commerce that produces and sells luxury cycling apparel. They noticed that their platform started getting traction in Japan and South Korea, so they approached us to implement a translation strategy so that they can have content easily translated.

Omar Benseddik
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Hanabi Agency

Hanabi is a web design and development agency specializing in e-commerce projects with a focus on Shopify. We built their new website with Next.js, TypeScript, and Sanity CMS.

Omar Benseddik
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Tax Advisor

Tax Advisor is a directory of hundreds of tax consultants in Germany.

Omar Benseddik
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