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useCurrentUser Custom React Hook

By Simeon Griggs

Get details of the currently logged in Sanity user


// You may not need this snippet!

// 1. The Studio exports its own version of this hook
import { useCurrentUser } from "@sanity/base/hooks";

// 2. OR, you can DIY it if you'd prefer
import userStore from 'part:@sanity/base/user'
import { useEffect, useState } from 'react'

export function useCurrentUser() {
  const [user, setUser] = useState({})

  useEffect(() => {
    userStore.currentUser.subscribe(e => setUser(e.user))
  }, [])

  return user

Sometimes you want to gate or modify your custom Studio components based on the current logged in user.

The Studio exports a version of this hook. Or you could use the snippet to create your own. Use either to get the current user's ID, email address, and more.


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