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Schema validation rules to enforce image size or file type

By Simeon Griggs

Uses @sanity/asset-utils to validate an uploaded image by its ID


import { getExtension, getImageDimensions } from '@sanity/asset-utils'

// ...then in your schema
  name: `image`,
  type: `image`,
  validation: (rule) =>
    rule.custom((value) => {
      if (!value) {
        return true
      const filetype = getExtension(value.asset._ref)

      if (filetype !== 'jpg' && filetype !== 'png') {
        return 'Image must be a JPG or PNG'
      const {width, height} = getImageDimensions(value.asset._ref)

      if (width < 1200 || height < 630) {
        return 'Image must be at least 1200x630 pixels'

      return true

When assets are uploaded to Sanity's CDN they are given deterministic IDs which contain information about the original file's dimensions and file format.

The @sanity/asset-utils library contains a set of helpful functions to easily extract those details from an asset's ID.

In this snippet, we use those values to inform a custom validation rule for an Image field.


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