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Last updated June 24, 2021

Sanity Exchange: Community Appreciation Program

By Kapehe

The Community Appreciation Program rewards contributions to sanity.io/exchange with swag and prizes. Here's how it works.

We are constantly impressed by the contributions that are shared in the Sanity Exchange. From the guides to the snippets, we see it all!

That's why we have launched The Community Appreciation Program to reward you with Sanity swag depending on how many contributions you have made to the Sanity Exchange.

How to contribute

Based on contributions you make to the Exchange, each one will go towards your count in the tiering system. Based on the number of entries, you'll get the following swag:

  • 5 entries: Sanity sticker pack
  • 10 entries: Sanity t-shirt
  • 20 entries: Sanity hoodie

What is a contribution you ask? In the Exchange, there are different ways to contribute. You can do any of the following things to have it count towards an entry:

  1. Guides - These are written guides. It can show step-by-step tutorials, explain a concept, or give a deep dive into a Sanity feature.
  2. Tools & Plugins - Have a custom input component or widget for the Studio? The plugin would live here! And any other tools or plugins you create.
  3. Starters - Starters that help others in the community get a Sanity project up and running in minutes!
  4. Showcase projects - How have you used Sanity in your projects? Here you can upload images of the final project, the Studio, and give the thought process behind the project.
  5. Schemas and snippets - Have a snippet of code that was helpful in your Studio or an input component you want to share? That would live here!
  6. Community - While this doesn't count as an entry, be sure to update your profile. Have your email address on there!

Your entries can include any combination of contributions: 3 plugins, 1 guide, 1 project for tier 1! 3 guides, 6 snippets, 1 plugin for tier 2! Whatever your combo, we appreciate it all!


Once a month, links for swag will be sent out to the winners. To ensure you are able to receive the link to get your free swag, here are some guidelines:

  1. Your Sanity Exchange profile must have an email on it, that is how we will reach you.
  2. Be sure all your contributions are of value, are fully functioning, and filled out fully. Spam entries will not be accepted.
  3. If you do not want to be included in the program but still want to contribute, please reach out to the DevRel team (devrel@sanity.io) to have your name removed from the list.
  4. Once a month, winners will be contacted. If you have reached a tier, but it has been over a month and we have not reached out, please contact the DevRel team.
  5. Always follow the Code of Conduct that is within the Sanity Community when submitting entries.

👀 Keep an eye out for all the winners in the Sanity Slack #announcements channel, we'll congratulate them there once a month!


Please do not submit spam entries. We will not accept entries that are not fully functioning, filled out properly, or do not help the community.

Program beginning to end

What to expect when you reach a tier in the appreciation program:

  1. Contribute 5, 10, and/or 15 contributions.
  2. Receive an email from the Sanity DevRel team with a link.
  3. Choose a size (if applicable), input your shipping address, and head to the cart to check out.
  4. Get tracking for your swag!
  5. Swag arrives!! WEAR SWAG EVERYWHERE! 🙌

Start contributing!

Head on over to the Sanity Exchange to start contributing your own guides, tools & plugins, starters, projects, or schemas & snippets! We are so excited to see what you are all creating!

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