Next.js Edge SSR

By Roboto Studio

New edge server side rendering with Sanity to see what peak performance looks like

Sanity Intro screen, press one of the two links to see the performance from a simple post
Not the prettiest, but gives a good indication of TTFB when running through
Performance for the old SSR with Node.js
Performance for the new SSR with Edge

About the project

We tested Next.js 12.2 Edge Server-Rendering to see the performance gains with using Sanity. We took initial inspiration from the fireship video here, but specifically we were curious to see if we would see similar results with Sanity. What we found was pretty impressive. From a cold start, we found the node.js SSR could take up to 1.5 seconds, whereas we were getting fairly consistent sub 0.7 seconds on the new edge SSR


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