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By Roboto Studio

Controlling the ESG narrative with Next.js & Sanity

Homescreen with full pagebuilder, everything on the page you can chop change and tweak
Fully integrated Calendly popup that the client can tweak
Form builder built inside of Sanity allows for quick generation of funnel pages for PPC. Completely integrated with Hubspot to make integrating the CRM seemless and smart
Fully functional form builder that allows the client to hot-swap and change and also integrate with Hubspot. Pretty cool right?
Fully previewable and generated pages via catch-all slug. Inspired by Sanity's own Simeon

About the project

We worked with the team at Key ESG to provide an ultra-fast, ultra-flexible website that they could scale up. The main objectives were to:

  • On-board the team to manage in-house
  • Generate a website based on the designs provided
  • Consult on technologies such as Hubspot integration & forms
  • Increase content velocity with efficient Sanity fields
  • Complete the full site within 6 weeks

With the tight deadline set, and the ball rolling we focused on providing the CMS to the client early - We wanted to get everybody as familiar as possible with Sanity's frontend.

Because of the tightly coupled mono-repo we work with (and Turborepo). This allowed us to create block after block with agile feedback. We found this method to be extremely efficient - so much so we managed to build whole blog sections out in a day or two.

We cannot recommend enough Pauline from the Key ESG team, for her ability to think on her feet, hash out solutions on the fly and become comfortable with Sanity so fast, it made our head spin.


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