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LiveMore Mortgages

By Roboto Studio & Jono Alford

We helped LiveMore migrate their components to a page builder to knock out landing pages with ease

Livemore homepage with page builder - hot-swapping page components
Live more blog page - complete with toggle-able table of contents
Calendly integration to allow users to instantly schedule a call with mortgagebrokers

About the project

We had the opportunity to partner with LiveMore Mortgages, a market leader in the mortgage industry, to revolutionise their web presence. We helped to upgrade their page-building pipeline and integrate their existing tools. This new approach allowed their team to curate their website content more efficiently, offering a seamless user experience to their visitors.

Support was also added for Sanity Image's on-the-fly optimisation and hotspot features. We helped LiveMore Mortgages leverage these tools to ensure their visual content was of the highest quality, optimised for both performance and user engagement. In addition, we worked with them to implement comprehensive and granular SEO changes across all pages.

We assisted in implementing dynamic, open graph images, a crucial element for promoting their content on social media platforms. This has given LiveMore Mortgages an edge in digital marketing, by providing visually appealing previews of their web pages when shared on social channels without a designer even lifting a finger. Try it out for yourself by sharing a page or blog post on your social channels.

We've loved working with Livemore Mortgages and hope to help them continue to scale with Sanity.

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