Mortgage Rob

By Roboto Studio & Jono Alford

Big things come in small packages - This couldn't be more true for our hyper-speed turnaround, complete with real-time preview, and generative open graph images

Mortgage Rob homepage, complete with nice and easy to edit FAQ's, and cute scrolling clouds
Blog list page, with some dummy content at the moment, keep your eyes peeled for updates soon
Mortgage Rob blog page with interjecting call to actions, and an extremely simple and intuitive user interface
Not bad lighthouse scores either - kudos to Harlan, for building one of our favourite tools of 2023
Dynamically generated open graph images with Vercel/OG, set and forget publishing
Real-time preview, multi column view with call-to-actions, and an extremely clean layout to read articles

About the project

We wanted to see what we could achieve with an extremely short timeline - 2 weeks and an equally small budget.

  • Real-time live preview
  • Generative open graph images
  • Ultra-simple blog post authoring process
  • Custom call-to-action you can add in content
  • FAQ's on the homepage for burning questions
  • Simple mortgage flow with

Rob was absolutely over-the-moon with the results, and we couldn't help tooting our horn over here... *honk*

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