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Solo Grano

By Roboto Studio

Serving the finest Sanity experience for an Italian Deli

The reusable homepage style. You can hot-swap and change blocks around to make a really unique client experience
Sanity Studio homepage view, purposefully kept simple so the client can update rapidly for their extremely busy schedule
Sanity page builder allows for the client to chop and change elements on the page

About the project

We wanted to build an ultra-fast, ultra efficient website for one of the best Pasta & Sandwich deli's in Nottingham. We've worked with Met (the founder) for a long time helping them grow their web-presence, and optimise their website.

For Solo Grano, the optimal usage of the website is a quick reference point for the in-house menu, or the two links to Deliveroo and Uber. However behind the scenes we create a rich funnel building system to allow them to quickly spin-up several landing pages with extreme efficiency.

Key features

  • Near perfect Google Lighthouse score
  • Image optimisation using Next Image
  • Real-time preview using Simeon's incredible Iframe Pane
  • On-the-fly menu updating handled within Sanity
  • Behind the scenes funnel pages with tailored content


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