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Last updated December 01, 2020

Make your first contribution to the Sanity Ecosystem

By Bryan Robinson

Contribute guides, tools, code, and build your Sanity Portfolio

You've created your first Sanity [plugin/tool/website/schema/guide/starter] and you're ready to share it with the world! You could certainly tweet about it or share it in the Sanity Slack Community, but maybe there's a better way.

The Sanity Ecosystem is a showcase of amazing contributions from the community at large. That includes you!

Let's get started.

What contributions are accepted

Most things you can do with Sanity can be featured in the Sanity Ecosystem. So, whatever you're working on, be sure to post about it!

  • Projects - The bread and butter of the #i-made-this channel in our Slack community. Share any project you've launched that includes Sanity. We especially love seeing the front-end AND screenshots from your Studio.
  • Guides - Do you like writing technical blog posts? Have you used Sanity in a cool way? Have a way of explaining basic Sanity concepts to new audiences? Write a guide and put it in the Guides section. You can either publish it here or on your own site and have it link there.
  • Plugins and Tools - Being able to run sanity install and get functionality is incredibly powerful for people using Sanity. If you've got a tool or plugin that you created, this section is where you can share it to get it added to our repository of plugins. Want to make your first plugin? Get started here.
  • Starters - Being able to create an entire website or a full-featured Studio with just 1 click is an amazing experience. Share the way you work with Sanity with the world by creating a Starter to help people get deployed quicker. Currently, Starters can be built to deploy to Netlify or Vercel.
  • Schemas - Have a unique or interesting setup for your schema? Share them with the community. In this section, you can provide snippets of your schema, and even separate them by files to make them easier to bring into a new project.

We're working on creating more ways to contribute tools, code, and education, so let us know in Slack what types of content you want to share and we'll help you get it out there.

Sanity – build remarkable experiences at scale

Sanity Composable Content Cloud is the headless CMS that gives you (and your team) a content backend to drive websites and applications with modern tooling. It offers a real-time editing environment for content creators that’s easy to configure but designed to be customized with JavaScript and React when needed. With the hosted document store, you query content freely and easily integrate with any framework or data source to distribute and enrich content.

Sanity scales from weekend projects to enterprise needs and is used by companies like Puma, AT&T, Burger King, Tata, and Figma.

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