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Vimeo Integrations

Integrate custom Vimeo videos with your React, Nuxt, or other JAMstack applications using Sanity CMS–the world's most flexible, extensible content management system.

1 Vimeo Integrations tool

Vimeo Browser

Studio v2

A plugin to browse and select Vimeo videos directly from the Sanity studio

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8 Vimeo Integrations projects made with Sanity

Boring Money

Boring Money is an independent business which has been set up to help normal people who don't have PhDs in finance make some smart investment decisions - quickly and painlessly.

Boring Money
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Lifestyle & Business Media Blog

The focus of this website design was to allow for the quick cataloging of media-based blog posts.

3200.PRO Ryan Murray
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Headless portfolio site for NOSY, a creative agency working with green tech and planet conscious brands.

Aaron Bentley
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A digital transformation for the world renown Annabel Langbein

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Loop Create

Loop Create is an event by Ableton for music makers to discover new ideas and inspire their creative practice. We gave their content team the power to create pages and edit content with Sanity.

Go to Loop Create is the digital marketplace for discoverers and connoisseurs and promotes direct encounters between winemakers and wine lovers.

Bartosz Podlewski
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