Released Oct 19th 2017


Upgrade with

sanity upgrade

And install the latest Command Line Interface (CLI) with:

npm install --global @sanity/cli

✨ Highlights

  • Adds the datetime schema type. You can now use this if you just want a simple datetime field for storing UTC date strings.
  • The sanity-plugin-vision package has been renamed to @sanity/vision. More info
  • The @sanity/date-input package has been renamed to @sanity/rich-date-input. More info

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes a layering issue with date picker causing it to appear underneath text inputs.
  • Fixes a bug in the Google Maps input that made it impossible to remove location from a geolocation field.

📓 Full changelog

Bjørge Næssgoogle-maps-input Make remove button actually remove (#283)9fa5ca6ca
Bjørge Næssbase More asset schema tweaks (#282)192e4a8d3
Per-Kristian NordnesFeature: allow global logins with the default-login (#273)fe152cb45
Per-Kristian Nordnesdefault-login Don't add projectId param when global login (#287)a75633924
Per-Kristian Nordnesdefault-login Children can be a function that passes the user to the wrapped content (#288)245bbf3b6
Per-Kristian Nordnesdefault-login Fix error in README76218b08f
Kristoffer J. Sivertsencomponents Respect disabled prop on input components and cleanup (#286)9c5c16ea7
Thomas Drevonform-builder Add datetime type with default input (#275)58493b8b4
Bjørge Næssinfrastructure Move vision plugin to @sanity/vision (#289)d47a25a9b
Bjørge Næssform-builder Remove more validation cruft (fixes proptypes warning)5f15276b7
Bjørge Næssinfrastructure Remove sanity-plugin-vision38c1e672f