Released Jun 179th 2018


Upgrade with:

sanity upgrade

And install the latest Command Line Interface (CLI) with:

npm install --global @sanity/cli

✨ Highlights

"Clean" project template

If you've tried out Sanity before and know how the schemas fit together, it can be nice to bootstrap a new project without any existing schemas. We've (re)introduced this feature to the CLI!

Asset metadata extraction on per-field basis

The Sanity asset backend can extract and generate metadata from images - things like GPS location, exif data, low-quality image placeholders, palette information and similar. You may now specify which data you want to extract on a per-field basis in your schemas. For more information on this feature, see the documentation.

Create and delete documents from the command line

You can now create and delete documents from the command line with sanity documents create myDocument.json and sanity documents delete <document ID>. You can also create a new document from your favorite text editor by running sanity create document and have Sanity watch for changes with sanity document create --watch. Check the documentation for more infomation about these features.

🐛 Notable bugfixes

  • Datepicker does not close when choosing a date 🐞
  • Datepicker allows edit the date inline 🐛
  • The CLI tool would sometimes take very long to respond because of an update check that was blocking execution. This update check now has a timeout before proceeding.
  • Reference fields now correctly displays any validation errors.
  • Passing a transaction instance created outside the scope of a Sanity client to the mutate() method now serializes the transaction correctly.

📓 Full changelog

Knut Melværcli Add option for initiating sanity with a clean template (#874)f2ac755d0
Espen Hovlandsdalcore Fix missing 'dataset' prefix in import/export help (#873)c6b4fc5d9
Espen Hovlandsdalform-builder Allow specifying metadata to extract for images/files (#871)5f45f247d
Espen Hovlandsdalcore Add sanity documents create, sanity documents delete commands (#872)e4859343a
Kristoffer J. Sivertsencomponents Dialog with functions height fix (#870)d2609d415
Espen Hovlandsdalcli Make update check actually respect timeout (#881)fbe2b41ec
Bjørge Næssform-builder Let InvalidValueInput be focusable like any other input (#883)0def148c0
Espen Hovlandsdalvalidation Remove promise concurrency limitation for now (#884)d5302ab96
Espen Hovlandsdalform-builder Show validation status in reference inputs (#885)69323793e
Espen Hovlandsdalclient Fix passing clientless transaction to mutate() (#890)be45196a3
Espen Hovlandsdalcolor-input Add documentation for color input (#888)af44aec5d
Bjørge Næssform-builder Optimize reference search query (#892)c74b90e4a
Espen Hovlandsdalchore Only build on next, drone-ci branches0fa8cb929
Espen Hovlandsdalchore Add UMD build targets and unpkg fields for client + image-url modules (#895)beb024b4b
Kristoffer J. Sivertsenform-builder Make datepicker stay open on change, reset inputValue when edit raw is valid (#896)8f844dd37
Kristoffer J. Sivertsenform-builder Not send inn the defaultList class in arrayInput (#878)9af40e3b7