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Next.js Personal Portfolio/Blog Site

By Kirk Watson

This is a personal portfolio/blog site where a site owner can showcase their work and experiences.

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About the project

Hey everyone,

In the past year, I have been learning how to use Next.js, and I built this portfolio/blog that uses Tailwind for styling and Sanity CMS for content creation. My goal was to build a professional webapp that people could actually use for themselves. Here's the link to a more in-depth explanation on what I implemented with the source code and demo:


  • A performant, static personal personal website with editable projects
  • A native and customizable authoring environment, accessible on
  • Real-time and collaborative content editing with fine-grained revision history
  • Side-by-side instant content preview that works across your whole site
  • Support for block content and the most advanced custom fields capability in the industry
  • Webhook-triggered Incremental Static Revalidation; no need to wait for a rebuild to publish new content
  • Free Sanity project with unlimited admin users, free content updates, and pay-as-you-go for API overages
  • A project with starter-friendly and not too heavy-handed TypeScript and Tailwind.css