Hi there Byteconfer!

Sanity.io is a hosted real time backend that comes with an open source editor that you configure and customize using React. Once you have set up (it takes just a couple of minutes), you can start using it's API with your favorite frontend framework (anything that can query an API over HTTP really).

So. What are you getting? We doubled 🌈🌈 the free included monthly usage to 200k API requests, 1m API CDN requests, 10GB asset storage and 20GB Bandwidth. We really want you to try it out. Be it for your own website, app project, podcasting backend, or whatever one can use a real time graph based API for.

Heads up: The coupon thing only works for new signups. Still want the offer as an existing Sanity.io user? Mention byteconf in a DM to @knut in the slack and he'll get you sorted.

Check out how you can make a Sanity backed blog on Next.js (React) or check out how you can install your own Transglobal Candy Store ecommerce solution on Nuxt.js (Vue).

Don't want the Byteconf plan? Just want to get going?

npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init