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Migration: Tool & Document Action

By Simeon Griggs

Empower content editors to migrate Documents and Assets between Sanity Datasets from inside Sanity Studio.

Sanity Migration Tool & Document Action

Proof of Concept for empowering content editors to migrate Documents and Assets between Sanity Datasets from inside Sanity Studio.

🚧 Note: This plugin has gone through basic testing but may not account for all edge cases. Proceed with caution as it can instantly write changes to Datasets.

Before starting a Migration you can select which related Documents and Assets to include. Keep in mind Migrations will likely fail if every Referenced Document or Asset is not already present at the destination Dataset.

Both methods can gather References –- and do a recursive search for References of References –- so the Migration has every Document and Asset it needs to complete.


The Migration Tool allows you to migrate Documents that are returned from any GROQ query.

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Document Action

The Migration Document Action allows you to migrate an individual Document.

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Required Setup

1. Spaces

You must have Spaces configured to use this plugin. Spaces are still listed as an experimental feature but have been supported for some time.

All Datasets setup in Spaces will become selectable "destinations" for Migrations. This means you can have additional datasets in the project that cannot be Migrated to.

Once setup, you will see a dropdown menu next to the Search bar in the Studio with the Datasets you have configured in Spaces.

2. Configuration

The plugin has some configuration options. These can be set by adding a config file to your studio at ./config/migration.json.

For example:

  "tool": true,
  "types": ["article", "page"]


  • tool (boolean, default: true) – Set whether the Migration Tool is enabled.
  • types (Array[String], default: []) – Set which Schema Types the Migration Action should be enabled in.

3. Authentication Key

To Migrate Assets between Datasets an additional Authentication Token is required. You will be prompted for this the first time you attempt to use either the Tool or Document Action on any Dataset.

This plugin uses Sanity Secrets to store the token in the Dataset itself.

You can reveal the token belonging to your user account with sanity debug --secrets


  • Save predefined GROQ queries in the Tool to make bulk repeated Migrations simpler
  • More UI affordances eg "Only Migrate New", "Only Migrate Documents", etc.

Install command

sanity install migration


Simeon Griggs

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Simeon is located at Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
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