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Answers from the community about Portable Text

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TopicCategoriesFeaturedRepliesLast Updated
Embedding and editing portable text blocks within Sanity content editor5Jun 27, 2024
Issue with portable text editor not showing anything, fixed by upgrading the desk client.21Apr 23, 2024
Is it possible to convert rich text to plain text using the Sanity client?3Apr 1, 2024
Question about handling a rich text field in the createOrReplace function with the Sanity JavaScript client.4Mar 20, 2024
Issue with searching for text containing a dash in Slack thread3Mar 13, 2024
Request to increase the size of dialogs in the Portable Text editor for better user experience.5Mar 11, 2024
Finding an intuitive solution for line breaks in PortableText.6Feb 18, 2024
Issue with portable text causing crashes in Sanity Studio 3.29.012Feb 15, 2024
How to get the URL for an image in a Slack thread.3Nov 8, 2023
Clarification on using the command `npm create sanity@latest` in a NextJS web app.4Oct 12, 2023
Issue with italics not working in portable text editor, resolved by removing CSS override.10Sep 27, 2023
Issue with displaying images in a block on Next.js application resolved with the help of custom portable text and Sanity's...7Sep 5, 2023
Adding icons or custom images to text in Sanity.io17Aug 23, 2023
Error when using portable text fields within sanity-plugin-internationalized-array8Aug 23, 2023
Issue with using the sanity client to patch plain text into a portable text field causing errors in the studio.8Jun 29, 2023
Can the "Publish" button text be changed to "Save" in Sanity.io?7Jun 21, 2023
Implementing a text editor in Sanity using a third-party tool and block-tools package.4Jun 16, 2023
Using @portabletext/react library to render portable text in a Next JS app3Jun 14, 2023