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Trouble updating Sanity version, seeking help and guidance.22Jan 24, 2024
Clarification on creating drafts from a published document in 14, 2023
Changing button behavior to open a modal and then an edit screen using Sanity UI's Dialog component.3Feb 29, 2024
Trouble with page builder in switching from WordPress to Sanity.io7Feb 28, 2024
Questions about setting the icon and accessing dark/light mode in Sanity Structure.8Feb 27, 2024
Issue with crashing theme and mismatched @sanity/ui versions in a plugin setup.36Feb 26, 2024
Modifying the Sanity logo on the backend in v3 and finding a GitHub example.15Feb 16, 2024
Unable to delete or archive Sanity instances and tokens created through Vercel installation.10Feb 14, 2024
Serious issue with audiobook app caused by Sanity, resolved with a change rolled out over the weekend.12Feb 13, 2024
Issue with caching in Next.js server component using Sanity.io10Feb 13, 2024
Need guidance on removing a field from the schema in an app using Sanity.io14Feb 8, 2024
Issue with fetching drafts from Sanity and resolving it with the correct token.15Feb 5, 2024
Is it possible to set a weak reference through a mutation in 2, 2024
Issues with types after recent change in sanity/structure, resolved by changing imports.12Jan 31, 2024
Unable to see image schemas in Sanity Studio structure3Jan 21, 2024
Users experiencing issues logging into Sanity due to a popup prompt that doesn't respond.10Jan 17, 2024
TypeError when running `npm run dev` in a fresh install of Sanity.io12Jan 10, 2024
Using conditional fields to set up an object with multiple types in 10, 2024