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Google Maps input

Official(made by Sanity team)

Use geo-related input types using Google Maps.

Espen Hovlandsdal
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Third-party Packages in Sanity Studio V2

Studio v2

To get around our "modern language features" issue, we can tweak the Sanity Webpack configuration so that it uses babel to transpile the library files for our third-party libraries that are causing us problems.

This is an external link at:formidable.com
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10 Google Maps API projects made with Sanity

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Global Advisory

Bespoke website for a transcontinental consulting authority.

James Rea
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The global powerhouse in sporting and music entertainment

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Guidepost Montessori

We use Sanity to support a growing network of Montessori schools across the world.

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Dialogue Works

a joint campaign led by Kindernothilfe and Terre des Hommes, dedicated to create spaces for meaningful participation of working children and youth in international policy debates

Ahmed Ghazi
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Boring Money

Boring Money is an independent business which has been set up to help normal people who don't have PhDs in finance make some smart investment decisions - quickly and painlessly.

Boring Money
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A faster, more simple and transparent mortgage experience.

Field Office
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