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Answers from the community about Asset CDN

Some of the conversations between community members on questions, suggestions and tips for using Sanity. Join our Slack to be a part of it.

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How do I render the image in Sanity blockcontent into a custom image component?5Nov 28, 2020
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SVGs Are Not Caching When Serving Over CDN2Jun 18, 2021
Hey, I am hosting a pdf on sanity and put it in a link on a webpage, recently I discovered that in safari it shows `Blocked...9Sep 28, 2020
what's the difference between API CDN requests per month and api requests per month?3Oct 7, 2020
Nuxt ServerError: An invalid response was received from the upstream server27Sep 15, 2020
Intl-Input Plugin for Translation - Query not Returning Page8Mar 12, 2021
Can Authenticated Requests can use the CDN?5Mar 3, 2022
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How to use the Next.js Image Blur7Jun 17, 2021
How to Make a Download Attribute Work with Cross-Origin URLs4May 25, 2020
How to use the Sanity CDN to Transform SVG Images to Bitmap/PNG Images5Nov 12, 2021
How to use a Custom Domain Name for the CDN7Oct 20, 2020
How to Fix a Blocked Plug-In Problem in Safari9Sep 28, 2020
Sanity Image CDN - Image Resizing and Optimization3May 5, 2022