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Answers from the community about Metadata

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How to grab image metadata from images inserted into Content blocks?8Sep 28, 2020
the Problem is when I add the Objects "location" and "exif" to the PortableText, than they will not be applied. I don'tget...8Nov 2, 2020
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How to Get the Aspect Ratio of an Image From the Image URL Builder Tool7Apr 21, 2022
Next.js Image Component - Metadata - Dimensions4Mar 11, 2022
Can someone point me to the docs where you return a URL for an image?27Jul 21, 2020
Adding Image Metadata to Portable Text (Gridsome Starter)7Nov 2, 2020
CSS Hotspot Metadata - How to Use Hotspot Metadata for Images Within CSS2Oct 5, 2021
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Extract the Height of a Lazy Loaded Image Using Gridsome and Sanity8Jun 2, 2021