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Answers from the community about Plugins

Some of the conversations between community members on questions, suggestions and tips for using Sanity. Join our Slack to be a part of it.

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In the tutorial, there is samples of what the API returns as JSON. Is there a way to view these ?12Jan 11, 2021
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Steps to add support for an additional language to a website and recommendations for tools and plugins.4Mar 8, 2024
Creating buttons and using Sanity Plugins for a more elegant solution.4Sep 30, 2023
Understanding the use of the _translations query in internationalisation plugin readme5Jul 6, 2023
Error with installing seo plugins due to lodash-es module not found3Feb 22, 2023
Issue installing the official sanity media plugin on Sanity v3.5Jan 16, 2023
Uploading Video Assets for Projects - Mux Plugin Only?2Jan 3, 2023
Integrating video in Sanity using Mux Input and Vime/Youtube plugins10Nov 28, 2022
How to Connect Algolia with Sanity and a Next.js Website17Nov 25, 2022
Issue with compiling Sanity after updating Mac OS, resolved by upgrading Studio version.8Nov 23, 2022
Improving JSON output of portable text field for translation agency3Oct 25, 2022
Issue with split pane right button after adding iframe preview plugin11Oct 21, 2022
Discussion of a bug with nested fields in the Image schema type in Sanity.io20Oct 17, 2022
Issue with Tags plugin installation and usage in Sanity.io Studio8Oct 14, 2022
Discussion of React version compatibility issues in a monorepo with workspaces and solution using Yarn v331Oct 4, 2022