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Answers from the community about Versions

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TopicCategoriesFeaturedRepliesLast Updated
Error when running `sanity deploy` after upgrading project versions8Apr 1, 2024
Issue with crashing theme and mismatched @sanity/ui versions in a plugin setup.36Feb 26, 2024
Converting uploaded JPG images to WebP format in Sanity for use as background images on the frontend.3Aug 15, 2023
Restoring previous versions of documents in a dataset7Feb 2, 2023
Issue with compiling Sanity after updating Mac OS, resolved by upgrading Studio version.8Nov 23, 2022
Upgrading to Sanity 2.35.0 caused a compilation error due to an issue with the auto-id module.5Oct 24, 2022
How to set up staging and production environments in Sanity Studio using Vercel.14Sep 28, 2022
Issue with newly imported dataset not reflecting in Sanity CMS modules15Sep 14, 2022
Discussion of issues with @sanity/generate-help-url and @sanity/block-content-to-hyperscript in an older project29Sep 1, 2022
Discussion about fixing a type error in PortableText with React 17/1834Aug 25, 2022
GROQ Query - Can I Get Draft Version of a Document Referenced by the Parent Document?4Jul 28, 2022
Why would a Query Work in the Vision Plugin from the Dashboard, but not in the Queries.js File?3Jul 23, 2022
Error when creating new location document in Sanity Studio12Jul 11, 2022
Adding apiVersion causing breaks in Sanity code13Jul 7, 2022
Groq query in Sanity returning null values for some array items8Jun 30, 2022
Bulk deleting a document type in Sanity.io and the need for a built-in feature.5Jun 16, 2022
DocumentTypeList Error - ID is Required for Document Nodes2Jun 16, 2022
Discussion about using 11ty and Sanity as part of a website stack, with positive feedback and resource recommendations.45Jun 7, 2022