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Answers from the community about Svelte

Some of the conversations between community members on questions, suggestions and tips for using Sanity. Join our Slack to be a part of it.

TopicCategoriesFeaturedRepliesLast Updated
Tips for dealing with 403 errors when using the Sanity client in a Sveltekit project19Feb 17, 2023
Issue with looping through an array using `{#each}` in Sveltekit, getting a "Cannot read properties of null" error.6Feb 15, 2023
Error installing "stablo" template, resolved with code change.5Oct 17, 2022
Real-time live preview not updating in dev environment, CORS error resolved.9Sep 22, 2022
Discussion about using 11ty and Sanity as part of a website stack, with positive feedback and resource recommendations.45Jun 7, 2022
Discussion on rendering links in Portabletext with @portabletext/svelte and potential solutions16Apr 29, 2022
How to use Sanity.Fetch with Sveltekit without Losing Credentials6Feb 15, 2022
Best approach to structuring a repo for a studio and using separate repos for front end and studio.6Oct 5, 2021
Discussion on defining custom URL routes in Svelte/Sapper and Next with Sanity's Next.js starter.6Apr 29, 2020
Creating Custom URL Routes in Sapper/Svelte like Next.js5Apr 29, 2020