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Projects made with Sanity


Gallery for Kat Lightfoot a painter based in Devon U.K.

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Aryze Developments

A gorgeous design system harnessed through a thoughtfully customized Sanity experience.

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Shelter Market

Shelter Market is a Canada-wide medical cannabis dispensary. Using Sanity and Shopify Plus, we were able to deliver an effortless, engaging shopping experience that distills their complex product data and achieves regulatory compliance.

Partner Creative
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An all-in-one platform to starting and growing your online store.

Moris Pasic
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Utdanningsetaten i Oslo – #DinRetning

Arnstein Marjala
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Online bookstore for Brazilians who love reading.

Fabricio Chiquio Boppré
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Lost Generation

E-commerce site for small, local leather goods brand (read: it's my side hustle site)

Fannie Gunton
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Landing page for Skyloom, a satellite internet company.

Fannie Gunton
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Corneel Online

Company website and blog of Corneel Online, the company of web developer Marco Verheul.

Marco Verheul
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LAK Gallery

LAK Gallery is an international gallery that displays limited edition contemporary pieces of art in furniture, ceramics, and sculpture. We are sharing with you how their curators are managing content with Sanity as a Headless CMS.

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Loop Create

Loop Create is an event by Ableton for music makers to discover new ideas and inspire their creative practice. We gave their content team the power to create pages and edit content with Sanity.

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Zego is a commercial motor insurance provider that powers opportunities for businesses to self-employed drivers and riders. They approached us to help them better manage their content by migrating it to Sanity and rebuilding the website to leverage that.

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Flayks - Portfolio 2021

Portfolio of FĂ©lix PĂ©ault, Freelance Senior Digital Designer and Art Director based in France.

FĂ©lix PĂ©ault
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