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Answers from the community about Localization

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Document vs. Field Level Localization for Large Numbers of Languages5Aug 6, 2021
Problems with locale fields Working with localization, and first tried the intl-plugin, but couldn't get it to work, so...5Jan 27, 2021
how to implement localization on blocks?5Oct 5, 2020
i am currently trying to create a new dataset for each localized language , ie. spanish, russian. how can i get a studio...9Nov 17, 2020
Is a Sanity Dataset is like a Database or like a Table?64Apr 18, 2020
Creating Subdirectories for Translated Pages4May 31, 2021
How to Translate Product Info on Shopify and Sanity?2Jun 29, 2022
Sanity Desk - How to Change the Localization Version of the Document?6Jul 14, 2022
Next.js Blog Starter - How to add a Localized `blockContent` in the `post.js` Schema10Aug 8, 2022
Clarifying NextJS SSG build with localisation and resolving %2F issue6Feb 27, 2023