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Answers from the community about Structure builder

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the best way of displaying a list of documents that are referenced to the currently viewed document.4Sep 9, 2020
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Hiding Content Types from the Studio Menu6May 11, 2020
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Is it Possible to Have Image Assets As a List Item in the Desk Structure?9Apr 27, 2020
Is it Possible to have Multiple Lists in the Desk Structure?3Apr 8, 2020
When Should the `.documentId` Parameter be Added to the Desk Structure Schema?8Apr 13, 2022
Using a Document List Inside an Alternative View for a Document5Aug 21, 2021
How to Group Documents by Published Date with the Desk Tool Plugin6May 9, 2020
How to get a List / Array of IDs that are Referenced by Documents13Jun 25, 2022
Can Multiple Datasets Have Different Schemas?13Jun 27, 2022
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