Plugins & tools

We’re growing an ecosystem of plugins, tools, custom input components and dashboard widgets for Sanity Studio, in addition to a range of front-end libraries for popular languages and frameworks.

Code Input

Syntax highlighted editor for code.

Markdown input

Markdown input component and schema type.

Mux input

Upload videos to Mux directly from the studio.

SEO tools

Bring SEO insights into Sanity.

Color list input

Pick from a list of predefined color swatches.


Color input for Sanity that stores selected colors in hex, hsl, hsv and rgb format.


Add support for data table input

Highcharts editor

This plugin lets you embed the Highcharts Editor within Sanity.

LaTex input

Use the LaTex format to describe math and other complicated typography.

Leaflet.js map input

Use the Leaflet library for the Geopoint schema type.


Sanity plugin providing input handlers for geo-related input types using Mapbox

Mermaid Graph Input

Generation of diagram and flowchart from text in a similar manner as markdown

PBD protein input

Custom input for PDB protein models with content models for camera position and zoom

Position input

Position input that stores the selected position.


Basic table support


Input component for rendering fieldsets as tabs