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Desk is now Structure

The latest update to Sanity Studio, version 3.20.0, introduces a notable change: the tool previously known as "Desk" has been renamed to "Structure".

You may notice this renaming in the toolbar menu of your studio, as well as in the path segment of your studio URLs.

Before and after

Why the Change?

The "Desk" name suggested a singular, one-size-fits-all approach to content management. As Sanity Studio has grown, so have its capabilities. With features like Presentation broadening your content interaction options, Structure is a more appropriate and descriptive name that reflects its status as one of the many diverse ways you can shape and organize your content models.

For Studio Users

This update brings a minor yet significant change to your workspace:

  • Toolbar Update: The studio toolbar label has changed from "Desk" to "Structure". Rest assured, this change is purely cosmetic, with no impact on the functionality you're familiar with.
  • URL Path Update: The initial path segment of your studio URLs has changed from /desk to /structure. Existing bookmarks will automatically redirect, so there's no immediate need to update them.

For Studio Maintainers

While this change is currently focused only on the user interface, it signals some broader upcoming changes:

  • Current Usage: Continue to work with deskTool from sanity/desk. This update doesn't affect your current implementations. Unless ...
  • Edge case: If your studio has custom code that rely on the desk tools name or title property – such as a filter function to only show certain toolbar options to certain user roles – you should update your code since the tool identifier now changes to structure.
  • Future Developments: We are planning to update our APIs and packages to reflect the "Structure" terminology. Rest assured that these changes will be signaled loud and clear, and that they will not break any of your existing studio implementations, as the current packages will continue to exist as aliases for the new nomenclature.

Moving Forward

This renaming is a step towards a more adaptable and intuitive Sanity Studio. We appreciate your flexibility and dedication as we evolve the platform to better meet your needs.

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