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Experimental feature

Action UI affordances

Toggle UI affordances for actions in the Studio


This experimental feature will be deprecated soon. If you are using this feature we advise you to migrate using the following stable features:

Customize the create new dialog with Initial Value Templates

Control menu actions with Document Actions

It is possible to prevent a document type from appearing in the Create new dialog, and prevent the Delete-menu action from appearing in the editor (among others) by specifying a set of enabled actions on the schema type.

It is an experimental feature and can be configured on the property __experimental_actions. For example, this is how you would hide affordances for creating and deleting documents of type myDocument:

  type: 'document',
  name: 'myDocument',
  __experimental_actions: [/*'create',*/ 'update', /*'delete',*/ 'publish'], 

Note: this only affects the UI and the documents will still be possible to delete through the API.

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