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Switch between datasets in the Studio

A feature request we often get is the ability to switch between datasets from within the Content Studio. This may be useful when:

  • Managing multiple departments within the same organization, each with their own, separate datasets, but all sharing the same schema.
  • Modifying an existing schema type and testing how it works using a staging dataset.

To facilitate this, we are proposing "spaces". A space is simply a mapping from a name/title to an API config. Spaces can be configured in your studio's sanity.json (under the __experimental_spaces key). Here's an example:

  "project": {
    "name": "Studio with spaces"
"__experimental_spaces": [
{ "name": "production", "title": "Prod", "default": true, "api": { "projectId": "ppsg7ml5", "dataset": "production" } }, { "name": "staging", "title": "Staging", "api": { "projectId": "ppsg7ml5", "dataset": "staging" } } ], "//...": "..." }

This will render a dropdown to switch between spaces in the studio.

Switching to another space will connect to the dataset configured for that space.


Enabling spaces will add the dataset name to the Studio’s URL-scheme. This will potentially break deep links and bookmarks to the Studio.






Administering multiple projects with __experimental_spaces does not currently work. You'll have to run separate studios to access separate projects.

Disclaimer: Experimental feature

Did we mention that this is an experimental feature? That means it may or may not become a feature in its current form. But we acknowledge the need for a feature that supports the above use cases.

Found bugs / have feedback?

Please. Do let us know, either by filing an issue on GitHub or ping us on Slack.

List of things we'd love to get feedback on in particular:

  • Naming things is hard. Is spaces a good word the feature? Maybe configuration is better? Suggestions?
  • Would you expect to be able to search for content across spaces? Currently thats not possible.
  • UX considerations: Would you expect to use one client to query for data across spaces, or would you typically configure one frontend per space.
  • Other issues?

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