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Open Source Plan

If you have a non-commercial open-source project: Apply for a free plan with advanced quotas!

Looking for our non-profit plan?

We are huge proponents of open source, and want to support it! Sanity.io is used to manage documentation, release notes, internal project wikis, and more.

If you are involved in an open source project and need structured content through APIs, you may be eligible for our non-profit plan:

  • 90 days history retention
  • 20 included users (pay-as-you-go for additional)
  • 5 datasets (pay-as-you-go for additional)
  • 15m API CDN requests pr/month
  • 3m API requests pr/month
  • 200GB asset storage
  • 1TB bandwith pr/month
  • 100k documents

To qualify for the Open Source plan, a project must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Includes a license listed on the Open Source Initiative approved license list or a Creative Commons license that includes “attribution” or places the work in the public domain.
  • Features a Code of Conduct at the top level directory of the project repository or prominently in the documentation (with a link in the navigation, footer, or homepage).
  • You must feature a link to sanity.io on either your main page, all your internal pages, or in the README.md in your public repository (e.g. on GitHub). You have two options:
    • Use our logo:
    • You may create your own link to https://www.sanity.io, which should read “Structured content powered by Sanity.io”.
  • Must not be a commercial project, whether created by a company or an individual. This includes commercial support and hosting services.

Please fill out the form to apply. We usually respond within 10 working days.

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