Plugins & tools

We’re growing an ecosystem of plugins, tools, custom input components and dashboard widgets for Sanity Studio, in addition to a range of front-end libraries for popular languages and frameworks.

Logo for Code Input
Code Input

Syntax highlighted editor for code.

Logo for Gatsby Cloud
Gatsby Cloud

Sanity Studio Dashboard Widget for triggering Gatsby Cloud Preview instances/sites.

Logo for GraphQL Schema
GraphQL Schema

Declare a Sanity schema using GraphQL SDL syntax

Logo for Lion Queen Theme
Lion Queen Theme

A Lion Queen theme for the Studio

Logo for MUX input
MUX input

Upload videos to MUX directly from the studio.

Logo for Markdown input
Markdown input

Markdown input component and schema type.

Logo for SEO tools
SEO tools

Bring SEO insights into Sanity.

Logo for Vision (GROQ playground)
Vision (GROQ playground)

React-based GROQ sandbox for Sanity projects.

Logo for Cats widget
Cats widget

Random cats for obvious reasons

Logo for Color-input

Color input for Sanity that stores selected colors in hex, hsl, hsv and rgb format.

Logo for Content Model Graph
Content Model Graph

Instant graph for your content model in your Sanity Studio.

Logo for Contentful to Sanity
Contentful to Sanity

This package liberates Contentful spaces, creating Sanity projects and schemas as it goes.

Logo for Datatable

Add support for data table input

Logo for Document chart
Document chart

Display a chart giving you a rough count of your various document types.

GROQ: ESlint plugin

ESlint plugin for GROQ queries tagged with the function exported from the groq package on npm.

Logo for Highcharts editor
Highcharts editor

This plugin lets you embed the Highcharts Editor within Sanity.

Logo for Hotdog stand theme
Hotdog stand theme

Hotdog stand theme plugin for Sanity. It is terrible.

Logo for LaTex input
LaTex input

Use the LaTex format to describe math and other complicated typography.


Sanity plugin providing input handlers for geo-related input types using Mapbox

Logo for Minesweeper

Dashboard widget for the Sanity Studio which gives you a minesweeper game.

Logo for Netlify Deploy
Netlify Deploy

Sanity Studio Dashboard Widget for triggering Netlify builds.

Logo for Notes

Dashboard widget for the Sanity Studio which lets you write simple "post-it" notes.

Logo for Nyan cat spinner
Nyan cat spinner

Replace default spinners with NYANCAT SPINNERS OMG!!

Logo for Table

Basic table support

URL Metadata Input

URL input for Sanity that retrieves metadata (title, description) along with open graph information.

Logo for Webamp

Run a winamp port in your studio!

Logo for .NET LINQ API Client

A strongly-typed .Net Client for Sanity CMS with support for LINQ queries, mutations, transactions, joins, projections and more

Logo for Block Content to Vue
Block Content to Vue

A Vue component for rendering block content. Allows you to pass other Vue components as custom serializers.

Logo for Block Content to Hyperscript
Block Content to Hyperscript

Logo for Image URL
Image URL

Helper library to generate URLs for image transformation

Logo for Block Content to HTML
Block Content to HTML

Render an array of block text from Sanity to HTML.

Logo for JavaScript API Client
JavaScript API Client

Javascript client for Sanity APIs

Logo for Block Content to React
Block Content to React

Render an array of block text from Sanity with React or React Native.

Logo for PHP API Client
PHP API Client

PHP library for the Sanity API

Logo for Gatsby source plugin
Gatsby source plugin

Source plugin for pulling data from into Gatsby websites.