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Sanity Studio v2 is deprecated

A new major version of Sanity Studio (v3.0.0) was released on December 7th, 2022. Sanity Studio v3 introduces simpler and more powerful APIs with many other improvements. It’s now the actively maintained version, whereas Sanity Studio v2 is deprecated.

The main differences between v2 and v3 are:

  • Sanity Studio now comes as a single dependency (sanity) and can be embedded as a React component in any web project
  • The Studio project configuration has moved from sanity.json to sanity.config.js
  • Multiple configuration and customizations APIs have been refactored and significantly improved
  • Plugins are now imported and added to the plugins array in sanity.config.js
  • Better developer tooling with Vite
  • Studio v3 comes with full TypeScript coverage and better documentation
  • The Schema API is mostly the same, except for custom components
  • The APIs for Structure Builder, Document Actions, … are mostly the same but must be added to the defineConfig() object

Our recommendation is to start new projects and migrate to Studio v3:

End of Life for Sanity Studio v2

Sanity Studio v2 will receive critical bug fixes until it's end of life date in Q1 2024 (exact date TBD), after which we will end standard support. Your existing experiences powered by Sanity will not be interrupted. You can set up Sanity Studio v3 alongside your v2 Studio in production.

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