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Faster import, easier navigation, object-type block members

Installation and upgrading

Fresh install

To install and initiate a new Sanity Studio without installing the Sanity CLI globally, run the following command in the terminal:

npm create sanity@latest


To upgrade an existing instance to Sanity Studio v3, run the following commands in the terminal:

# Go to the root folder of the installed Sanity Studio instance
cd /sanity-studio/root-folder

# Upgrade Studio to v3
npm install sanity@latest

โœจ Highlights

๐Ÿšข This release: 3.16.7

In a nutshell:

  • Blocks only accept objects as members.
  • Easier navigation in Sanity Studio.
  • Import concurrency increase for faster dataset import.

Improved validation of block members

Previously, blocks also accepted non-object types as members. From this release, it's no longer possible to use primitive types as members of a block. Members of a block must be object-like type.

Title updates in Desk Tool

In this release, we improved the navigation inside the studio by updating the <title> element to make it more specific to the current route every time a user navigates in the studio. This makes it easier to browse documents and switch tools.

Increased performance for dataset imports

Past versions encountered challenges with concurrent operations during parallel reference strengthening. This issue was addressed in a past release. This release enhances import performance by further optimizing the parallel strengthening of references. The concurrency improvement boosts import performance significantly.

Other features

  • Simplified managing reference publishing icons by adding aria-labels for accessibility.

๐Ÿ› Notable bugfixes

  • Fixes a visibility issue related to breadcrumbing in the review changes section. Breadcrumbs are now consistent with the new breadcrumb styling.
  • Fixes an issue where dialogs wouldn't correctly appear at smaller breakpoints.
  • Fixes a minor issue affecting restoring document history in the studio desk tool with multiple nested panes.
  • Fixes an issue in the studio desk tool using the index as a key instead of the path when handling multiple validation errors for the same field/node.

Published September 18, 2023