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Fixes match operator bug and corrects Content-Type for /history and /export

Fixes match operator bug

Up until now, the match operator has not handled wildcards correctly in some specific situations.

For example, name match "foo.*bar" would be equivalent to foo * bar, because . would be considered a word-splitting character, and so foo.*bar would never match the string foo.bar.

While rare, this also turned out to affect some languages where we would split words incorrectly: "創傷ケア" match "創傷ケア*" would return false, but "創傷ケア" match "創傷ケア" would return true.

We are now releasing the API version 20211021, which fixes this.

In short, the new algorithm honours Unicode word segmentation rules and considers the wildcard character, *, to be a word character. This fixes the internal tokenization to be consistent.

Correct Content-Type for /history and /export

Previously the /export and /history endpoints was returning Content-Type: text/plain even though they were streaming JSON. After this version they return Content-Type: application/x-ndjson instead.

Documentation affected by this release

Published October 23, 2021