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Default layout and Desk tool migrated to Sanity UI

Fully migrated @sanity/default-layout to Sanity UI

The navbar and all of its elements have been migrated with @sanity/ui. The migration fixes a long-standing issue with responsiveness of the navbar, especially when it comes to the tool menu.

Fully migrated @sanity/desk-tool to Sanity UI

The pane system has been rewritten from scratch, and the UI of Desk Tool is completely refactored to using @sanity/ui.

Panes now support dynamic minimum and maximum widths, to provide a more responsive behavior.

Other features:

  • Newly initialized studios will now include a .gitignore
  • Speed of dataset imports improved when assets already exists
  • sanity hook commands updated to be forwards-compatible with upcoming webhook changes

Notable bugfixes:

  • fix(language-filter): fixes popover placement issue when language list is long (#2801)

Published October 06, 2021